Rod Windley, Chairman, Gentiva

I have been a patient of Dr. Plunkett's for over 20 years and have experienced everything from a simple cleaning to dental implants. Dr. Plunkett has done an excellent job taking care of all my dental needs in a very detailed, professional and caring manner. His attention to detail is excellent, always explaining procedures to his patients in great detail. His follow-up post treatment is a lost art in the dental and medical professions, and just further demonstrates his commitment to his patients. Over the period of time that I have been in Dr. Plunkett's care, I have come to consider him a friend! There is no stronger endorsement from a patient.

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Family Dentist Tips For Bad Breath Prevention

Family Dentist Tips For Bad Breath Prevention

Family dentists are great resources to utilize when looking to prevent bad breath. They are skilled dental professionals who have undergone extensive training to diagnose, manage and treat bad breath, which makes them experts at providing prevention tips to individuals suffering from a foul odor in the oral cavity. Want to learn more about bad breath…