No Dental Insurance? No Problem! Save on Dental Care with Our Dental Insurance Alternative

No Dental Insurance Alternative in Dunwoody GA
What do you do if you don’t have dental insurance? Try this traditional insurance alternative, our Smile Wellness Plan


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Dental insurance and care can be extremely expensive, especially if you have no dental insurance or a gap in your insurance coverage . If you need to have an emergency procedure done, it’s ten times worse! There are other great ways to save money on dental services, though, like our dental insurance alternative. The Smile Wellness Plan is a program that helps people connect with our affordable dental services without needing a dental insurance plan. It’s a membership program that provides access to affordable dental treatments from our trusted in-house dentists at our Dunwoody office. With the help of the plan, members can save up to 21% on their routine dental expenses for patients wanting to maintain their gum & dental health. Let’s take a look at how you can save money on dental care and get real peace of mind with the Smile Wellness Plan!

What is the Smile Wellness Plan, Dental Insurance Alternative?

The Smile Wellness Plan is a 12-month membership program that provides access to affordable dental services at Plunkett & Chaw dental in Dunwoody. The main way to save money on dental care with the plan is by accessing basic, routine and major dental coverage. It only takes a few minutes to sign-up. Once signed up, members can take advantage of fully included basic dental procedures (for preventive care like teeth cleanings, exams and X-rays) and a discount on major dental coverage (for serious dental issues or procedures like fillings, root canals, etc. ). Just remember that you’ll need to pay a one-time annual membership fee to get access to these benefits.

How Much Can You Save with No Dental Insurance and only the Smile Wellness Plan?

Since the amount you can save with the Smile Wellness Plan will depend on the features you use, it’s hard to say for sure. That said, the plan has been proven to save patients up to 21% on their routine dental expenses compared with paying full price. And, if you have serious dental issues and need major dental coverage, you can save even more, for example, patients with no dental insurance and who need to be in a gum disease stabilization program will save as much as 41% or more. When you use the basic dental plan coverage, you can also save a lot of money. You’ll want to take advantage of free dental consultations to get care for things like cleanings, basic X-rays and tooth examinations. You can additionally receive discounted treatment for other services like teeth whitening, root canals, teeth implants and even oral surgery. You can also get help paying for dentures and other long-term solutions. One of the best things about the Smile Wellness Plan is that you can get additional savings when you sign up your spouse, children and other family members. Each additional family member will receive an additional discount on their plan and annual membership fee (some limitations apply).

Get Free Dental Examinations

If you sign-up for this dental insurance alternative, you can, as mentioned above, get a free initial dental consultation for basic services like cleaning, X-rays, oral hygiene check-ups, and a dental exam. This can help you get the dental care you need without having to pay for a consultation. You can also get a free re-examination and diagnosis within the 12-month membership period. This can help you get the preventative care you need ito discover any teeth issues or prevent something major from going wrong with your teeth.

Get Your Basic Routine Dental Care Covered and Receive a Discount

If you just require basic, regular dental and oral maintenance, you can have a lot of services covered for no additional cost at all. Basic plan coverage takes care of things like oral hygiene, regular dental check-ups, X-rays and minor routine dental services. You can receive a 10% discount on other dental services if you need additional services beyond the basic coverage. As mentioned above, you can also receive deeper discounts when you add additional members to your oral wellness plan.

Finally – Is the Smile Wellness Plan Right for You?

If you don’t have traditional dental insurance coverage and still want to save money on dental care, the Smile Wellness Plan is a great option. Also, this plan is best for people, families and children who definitely plan on taking advantage of the included regular (twice a year) exams, cleanings and X-rays (once a year). Then you can use the plan to get the two free dental consultations, get basic routine services covered and if by chance, a more serious issue is discovered, get discounts on major dental services and procedures (limitations apply). This simple, cost-effective dental plan coverage can help you get the regular annual care you need at a reduced price so that you can feel fully taken care of and save, even if you don’t have insurance coverage. All of this can truly give you and your family peace of mind about your oral health.

Interested in signing up for our Smile Wellness Plan (SWP)?
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