I highly recommend Dr. Janice Chaw as a family dentist. We were visiting family in Atlanta, when I chipped a tooth. I was wary about going to a unfamiliar dentist in the South (I'm from California) due to concerns of quality of service and also sterile environment--as a physician, these are especially important to me. I found out about Dr. Janice Chaw thru word of mouth from a friend. I found the radiant recommendation to be true. Dr. Janice Chaw was very friendly with great rapport. Additionally, she was very patient, professional, and thorough about discussing the risks and benefits of various procedural options. Most importantly, she wasn't pushy. I did not have the sense that she was trying to get more money out of me by suggesting additional expensive procedures. She simply added "when you go back to your dentist in California, you should consider these additional procedures." I don't know why she doesn't publicize this but she also worked as a pediatric dentist helping disadvantaged children in the public school system in Philadelphia for several years and also did a residency in Dental Public Health at the (CDC) Center of Disease Control in Atlanta prior to joining her current practice--both of which adds to her resume as a dentist who goes above and beyond the norms.

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Family Dentist Tips For Bad Breath Prevention

Family Dentist Tips For Bad Breath Prevention

Family dentists are great resources to utilize when looking to prevent bad breath. They are skilled dental professionals who have undergone extensive training to diagnose, manage and treat bad breath, which makes them experts at providing prevention tips to individuals suffering from a foul odor in the oral cavity. Want to learn more about bad breath…